God The Father Revealed

By Lewis Erickson

Book Description


The God of the Bible’s Old Testament can seem downright scary and hard to please. Our misconceptions of Him can discourage us from ever wanting to know Him.

In God the Father Revealed, author Lewis Erickson assists you in easy-to-understand language through the first book of the Bible, Genesis, showing you wonderful personality traits of God the Father that are often overlooked. As these traits are revealed and you begin to understand God’s side of the Genesis stories, you will be drawn to Him and changed.

These traits are further developed and reinforced through humorous and inspiring stories.

Don’t live another day without understanding and knowing God.

As a result of reading God the Father Revealed, you will

  • Understand God better and be drawn to know Him.
  • Feel differently about yourself in light of how God sees you.
  • See the people around you as God sees them.


“This book has made me feel so loved by God. I would definitely recommend this book to people questioning God’s goodness!”

Catherine Christie, Hope Ranch for Women Residential

“God the Father Revealed will have a profound positive impact on anyone seeking God for the first time, or a person seeking a deeper relationship with God.”

Pastor Jim Neice, Great Plains Church of Wichita

“Seeing God as good as Lewis presents indeed “changes everything.””

Mark Oelze, creator of PLEDGEtalk

“Humbly, Lewis presents an open dialogue that explores God’s heart, intent and purposes. I believe Lewis’ lifelong devotion to scripture memorization, Biblical life application, and Godly character have given him a voice we can listen to, and together explore beyond the surface of scripture the nature of our Heavenly Father.”

Steve Miller, China Harvest

“God is longing for men and women who will know and understand Him. Let God use these pages to help you to do that!”

Kary Oberbrunner, author of Day Job to Dream Job and Your Secret Name

“Through God the Father Revealed, your heart will come alive as you receive the bounty of God’s grace and truth that will set you free.”

Cathy Turner, Hope Ranch for Women Founder & CEO
God The Father Revealed by Lewis Erickson

Available in Hard/Soft Cover & E-Book wherever books are sold.

Book Files

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God the Father Revealed_interior (PDF)

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